Stem Cell Articles CONTACT ABOUT NeuroGen Articles pg 1-2 NEXT Pg PREV Pg Copyright © 2011 - 2012 All rights reserved Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute. “Stem cells” are the building blocks from which the entire human body is formed and are present in all the body. They have the unique abilities to develop into any kind of body cells, multiply repeatedly into large numbers and repair damaged parts of the body. The use of these properties forms the basis for frontline medical science called Stem Cell Therapy.   Incurable neurological & neuromuscular disorders are caused by damage to the nervous system resulting in paralysis/weakness of limbs, speech & visual impairment and other neurological symptoms. These damages are irreparable. Their effect on the individual's life is devastating. They become dependent on their families for daily activities. This hampers lives of the family members as well. Stem cell therapy is being used to treat the symptoms of such disorders. It offers a new ray of hope, for improvement, and for an independent life. There are a number of fascinating stories, covered by newspaper reporters, based on this new medical technology. These stories describe how stem cell therapy has changed & improved the quality of life for such people and their families. The website is dedicated to all these stories, so that we can share them with our friends & family, to create awareness and spread hope above despair. NEXT Pg NEXT Pg Pg. 10 OTHERS Articles pg 3-9 PHYSIOTIMES Nov - 2013